NBC Group Covenant:

Purpose: To Give To The Kingdom of God and To Make Disciples:

Mission: To Seek The Lost and Share The Gospel:

Our small group gives us the opportunity to develop the relationships and fellowships necessary within the Body of Christ. Genuine biblical fellowship is possible, with God’s help, through our individual and mutual commitment. To assist us as group members in achieving the goals of identification, love, caring, and accountability to God, and to guide us in our mutual commitment to one another as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, we agree to abide by the following covenants:

  1. THE COVENANT OF AFFIRMATION AND ACCEPTANCE: I pledge to accept you. I may not agree with your every attitude or action, but I will attempt to love as God’s child and do all I can to express God’s affirming love. I need you; we need each other.
  2. THE COVENANT OF AVAILABILITY: My resources-time, energy, insight, possessions-are at your disposal if you need them. As part of this availability, I pledge to meet with you in this group on a regular basis.
  3. THE COVENANT OF PRAYER: I promise to pray for you regularly.
  4. THE COVENANT OF HONESTY: I agree to strive to become a more open and honest person, to share my true opinions, feelings, struggles, joys, and hurts as well as I am able. I trust you with my dreams and problems.
  5. THE COVENANT OF FEEDBACK: I pledge to mirror back to you what I am hearing you say and what you are feeling. If this means risking pain for either of us, I trust our relationship enough to take the risk, realizing it is in “speaking the truth in love, we are able to grow up in all aspects unto Him, who is the head” (Ephesians 4:15). I will try to express this feedback in a sensitive and control manner, in keeping with the circumstances.
  6. THE COVENANT OF SENSITIVITY: Even as I desire for you to know and understand me, I pledge my sensitivity to you and your needs to the best of my ability. I want to hear you, see your point of view, and understand your feelings.
  7. THE COVENANT OF CONFIDENTIALITY: I promise never to divulge anything shared within this group in confidence outside this group. I vow not to push you to share things about yourself that you would prefer to keep undisclosed.

In full acceptance of these covenants, I affix my name to this document in recognition of my commitment to God and the members of this group. I shall keep this document as a reminder of this voluntary covenant I’ve entered into on this date.

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